Green concepts inc. A sleeping giant awakening

Green concepts inc. (OTC:INKW) has been quietly making moves in the specialty beverage industry. It all started back in January when the company announced the purchase of a 60 thousand square foot bottling plant in North Carolina. The plant is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in the scenic town of Marion. The facility had sat empty for several years so Green concepts inc. started a refurbishment process to bring the plant back online with the intention of launching a new brand lineup including CBD infused and ph balanced bottled water. The facility, which should be fully operational in the coming months, will be capable of producing 192 million bottles annually.

The bottled water industry surpassed the soft drink industry in 2016 and is expected to reach $215.12 Billion dollars by 2025. Green concepts inc. is a very attractive buy for investors due to its outstanding share structure with a market cap of 6,264,900 and a float of just 219,466,204. Currently,  the stock is trading at .0066 and the 10-day avg. volume is at 2.04 million. With pending news on the commencement of operations at their bottling facility and the recent slew of press releases including the most recent one (08/06/2019) which stated that their plant operations will go above and beyond FDA guidelines for safety and purity pertaining to their infused bottled water brand, this is definitely one to keep on your radar in the coming months.



About Greene Concepts, Inc. and Mammoth Ventures Inc.

Greene Concepts, Inc. is a publicly-traded company. Through its recently acquired wholly-owned subsidiary, Mammoth Ventures Inc., the Company has entered into the specialty beverage and bottling business.



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